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Online Coaching and Meditation Therapeutics with Marcela Crowe

Marcela Crowe is a co-active® professional coach, an IST™ Meditation Practitioner, and senior consultant. She uses her experience and professional training to help individuals and groups achieve greater clarity and transformation.


Meditation-Based Therapeutics

As an Inner Space Techniques™ Practitioner, using a set of therapeutic and healing techniques based on the internalized states achieved through meditation, Marcela guides people through a process that leads to greater clarity, increased creativity, focus, self-understanding, inspiration and real change. 

Professional Coaching

As a Co-Active® Professional Coach, Marcela offers 1:1  and team coaching with individuals  who wish to further develop their innate strengths while also developing a mindset for on-going growth. Sessions are offered in-person or remotely as part of a 3 and 6 month transformational coaching program that can be combined with other services like meditation-based therapuetics.

Virtual Consulting

Marcela offers support to individuals and businesses using a design driven human-centred approach to help build individual and organizational capacity. She provides accountability and facilitates the creation of action plans often included as a welcome add-on to professional coaching services to support the launch of a new project, improving and streamlining processes reflecting the goals and needs of her clients.

Work with Marcela

Marcela understands the many challenges that professionals and emerging leaders face when it comes to taking resonant action, and building their profession and life that's aligned with their values, ideals, and sense of self.  

Combining her leadership experience, as an executive director, director of operations and project manager,  and through her work as a co-active professional coach, and IST™ Meditation Practitioner, Marcela is dedicated to helping people develop the tools and techniques they need to cultivate their agility and resourcefulness so that they can grow and enhance their insight to gain greater clarity and sense of purpose.

Marcela uses a customized approach that’s based on principles of clarity, vision, and taking resonant action.  


What Clients are Saying...

Tegan F, Business Owner

Tofino, BC

“It is a pleasure to recommend Marcela... Each session is deeply powerful offering a lot to contemplate and work with days after our time together. I suggest you book a package because one session will not be enough!”

Jacquie W., Real Estate

North Vancouver, BC

"Marcela has great healing powers. She's able to help guide you through energy work and a deeper connection to spirit. It' worth it to spend the time and money on yourself to move forward with what you are working on."

Emily L., Co-Founder, Director

Calgary, AB

"Working with Marcela brings great peace and ease. She connects right to you in a way that brings clarity to what may feel like complicated circumstances... Her life experience and training in her profession make her well worth the investment if you want to move forward in your life."

Steven L., Director

Toronto, ON

“Marcela is professional, industrious and passionate about her work. Anyone that has the opportunity to work with or be advised by her, I have not doubt will benefit immensely.” 

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