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Co-Active® Professional Coaching

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Marcela's coaching fosters a safe, experiential learning environment to help individuals and teams develop deeper connections with each other and with clients. Using the co-active® model, Marcela guides clients through a process and view to forward action towards your greatest generative impact. 

What to expect

1:1 Coaching

Individual sessions tailored to your specific needs. Engagements start with a 90 mins. discovery session and last typically 3 to 6 months depending on your goals.

Team Coaching

Join a small peer group in an online cohort to address a specific subject matter (e.g., business development, communication, leadership, self-awareness, etc.).


1. Discovery & Direction


The first several coaching sessions will focus on helping you identify and understand the direction you want to move in, personally and professionally, as well as uncover any roadblocks holding you back.


2. A Clear Plan Forward


Once vision and direction have been clarified, coaching will help you create a clear plan with progressive steps to help you reach your goals. Understanding this is a continuous process, coaching will help you learn to reevaluate each step of the way. 


3. Accountaibility & Action


With clear direction and a plan in place, we’ will work together to empower you to take action towards your goals. Creating a system of accountability and evaluation will allow you to develop the habits and changes needed to transform your personal and professional life.

What Clients are Saying...

Emily L., Co-Founder, Director

Calgary, AB

"Working with Marcela brings great peace and ease. She connects right to you in a way that brings clarity to what may feel like complicated circumstances... Her life experience and training in her profession make her well worth the investment if you want to move forward in your life."

Getting Started

Step 1


Book a Free Introductory Call

Marcela coaches individuals and teams to harness their own resilience and strengths to unleash their leader within. Book a consultation to discuss your needs. It's time to nurture and cultivate your power within.

Step 2


Build a Customized Plan

Using the co-active model, Marcela guides clients through a process to help you become a catalyst for positive change. Gain a deeper sense of awareness and greater confidence with tools that inspire on-going and sustainable growith.

Step 3


Enhance your insight and take decisive action

Gain the necessary foundation for on-going growth and development with tangible tools and techniques that foster better communication, deeper insight, and continued learning. Gain the clarity and resources  you need to make a bigger difference.

Get guidance and coaching to make a change and make a difference