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Marcela's professional coaching fosters a safe, experiential learning environment to help individuals develop deeper connections with themselves, their clients and teams. She works with individuals and private practice professionals to build capacity through an integrative process that includes deep rest, a held container for inner-resourcing, self-inquiry and taking resonant action.

Combining her leadership experience, as an executive director, director of operations and project manager in the social services, food security, and climate adaptation sectors,  and through her work as a Co-Active® professional coach, Marcela is dedicated to helping people develop the tools and techniques they need to cultivate their agility and resourcefulness so that they can grow and enhance their insight to gain greater clarity and sense of purpose.

Marcela has studied and practiced meditation for over 15 years. She has trained at centres across the globe and has instructed and assisted in residential meditation intensives in Canada and Mexico. ​

Marcela draws on her wealth of lived experiences living as a mixed-raced woman with Celtic and Mayan Ancestry raised in downtown Toronto by her mother, a teacher who also worked for the Human Rights Commission of El Salvador, and father, a writer, professor of french literature, language instructor and political and social justice activist. 

Professionally, Marcela has led purpose-driven organizations both in the public and private sector, helping both individuals and teams find the necessary resources and direction to achieve their goals.

Marcela is dedicated to a collaborative process that uses a customized approach that’s based on principles of clarity, vision, and taking resonant action.  

Nurture self-discovery and connection to inspire bold action 

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