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"Harness your natural agility to develop meaningful connections and clarity of direction that makes an impact." -- Marcela Crowe

Find a Clear Direction

Many people struggle to find the clarity needed to make decisive decisions and take action. I help individuals and organizations develop tools and strategies to foster better insight, communication, and collaboration so they can inspire meaningful change through their vision, purpose, and a clear sense of direction.

Gain the necessary foundation for on-going growth and development with tangible tools and techniques that foster deeper insight, continued learning, enhanced communication and agility.  

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Having worked at all levels of leadership, and as a co-active professional coach, I understand the challenges that professionals and emerging leaders face when it comes to taking resonant action, and building their profession and life that's aligned with your values, ideals, and sense of self. 


Developing the tools and techniques that position you for growth is an integral part of finding your direction so that you can grow and enhance your insight as a person to become a purposeful leader who inspires with clarity and vision.


I provide clients with a collaborative process that uses a customized approach founded on principles of clarity, vision, and taking resonant action, employing the tools and techniques that I've cultivated through co-active professional coaching and experience in leadership.

This holistic approach helps individuals, teams, and organizations cultivate agility  to develop meaningful connections that make an impact.

  • Increase decision-making agility​​

  • Reduce stress and learn to navigate difficult situations.

  • Cultivate techniques for clear communication 

  • Gain greater clarity and increase creativity, and inspiration

  • Gain practical insight applied to your business or personal objectives 

  • Nurture collaboration and growth​

Marcela supports her clients to engage in systems thinking to help businesses and organizations identify and promote sustainability principles. She also works with clients to apply sustainable business models and best practices that promotes social innovation, environmental impact, and economic viability.

Marcela also works with organizations and teams to help nurture positive collaboration and communication by offering the co-active coaching model as a valuable tool for sustainable and on-going growth.

Enhance Your Insight to Inspire Action




Marcela is a co-active professional coach who helps individuals and organizations develop their skills to nurture positive collaboration and communication. Nurture your talent, improve work environments, and build an organization of inspired leaders.

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Consulting services include sustainable and social impact business management and project oversight to ensure that organizational goals are met. Marcela's services are focused on efficiency and innovation to improve team dynamics and achieve business objectives.

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What Clients are saying...

Marcela is professional, industrious and passionate about her work. Anyone that has the opportunity to work with or be advised by her, I have not doubt will benefit immensely.

Steven L., MBA, Director 

Working with Marcela brings great peace and ease. She connects right to you in a way that brings clarity to what may feel like complicated circumstances.

Her life experience and training in her profession make her well worth the investment if you want to move forward in your life

Emily LePan, Managing Partner, Co-Founder

Enhance your Insight and Take Meaningful Action