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Free 4 Part Online Meditation Course & Study Group

October 12, November 2, 2020

Dear Friends, 

Welcome to our Meditation, Portal to Inner Worlds study group.


We will be starting Monday October 12, 7pm PST.  


The MPIW is an easy-to-follow guided meditation series for an in-depth journey into the powerful meditation method of the Clairvision School.


Two talks give you practical information to get started. Two guided meditations feature Samuel Sagan's extraordinary music, designed to engage clear and tangible sensations in the third eye and enable you to experience high states of consciousness.


Instructions for Monday October 12, 2020:

7:00 pm PST / 8 pm MT press play on the recording:
7:45 pm PST / 8:45 MT, please join the Group via Gmeet: RSVP below to receive your Gmeet meeting room link! 


*A reminder notification will be sent out 15 minutes before our 7pm PST start time


There will be two portions for each session. In the first portion, you will be listening to either a talk or a meditation recording on your own. At 7:00 PM PST Monday, we can all press play so that we will all be listening simultaneously. In the second portion, at 7:45 PM PST, we will all join together for the study group portion of the call where there will be the opportunity to share experiences, pose questions, and hear from others in the group. The group members will listen to the recordings at the same time and then jump on a call to discuss and ask questions. We will be meeting weekly for 4 weeks for approximately 1.5 hours, 45 minutes of lecture, or meditation followed by 20-30 minutes

On the day of the call, please avoid caffeine and stimulants. Find a quiet and comfortable space to listen to the lectures and meditate. Part of the meditations will require you to lay down (second and third week). Sit in your practice space and check you have everything you need, including cushions, blankets, water, mobile phone and computer chargers, headphones, and something to take notes with.

As the meditations include musical recordings by Samuel Sagan, it is also recommended to have speakers set up for the meditations. You can then transition to headphones with a microphone for the study group for the second part of the session. Please also turn off notifications on your devices so that you will not be disturbed. Please test your equipment beforehand to make sure everything is ready to just press play at the time of the call.

Please use the GMeet link provided to you.
You can join the call as soon as you have finished listening to the recording. Please feel free to use the bathroom prior to joining if necessary so that no one has to leave during the call. We will be on the call for 20-30 minutes.

You will have to download the GMeet app if you would like to use your mobile device or ipad for the study group.

I will send a reminder link out the day of the call and just before we are all to press play. Feel free to engage the talk or meditation prior to the first call, however, we will listen simultaneously at 7:00 PM PST/ 8:00 PM MT.


Gmeet Meeting Room Link

Week 1 Talk 1 Link:
(October 12) 


Week 2 Meditation 1 Link:
(Monday October 19)

Week 3 Meditation 2 Link:

(Monday October 26)

Week 4 Talk 2 Link

(Monday November 2)

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