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Integrative solutions for values-driven creatives & professionals on the rise and in the deep

✓ cultivate agility

✓ build resilience

✓ grow in leadership

InLife™ Wellness + Professional Coaching with Marcela Crowe
Inspire Transformation
Discover an innovative approach

Through powerful inquiry, connected dialogue, and taking resonant action, uncover your natural agility that leads to your greatest generative impact. 

connected dialogue

powerful inquiry

resonant action

Resourcing and integration 
Enhance your insight, nurture resilience and take resonant action

"What a transformative 12 weeks!

I came into this process seeking only to get my motivation back. And what I got was so much more. I can confidently say that my self-love is at an all time high and that I am loving the life I have designed for myself.I thank you so much for guiding me to look at my career options." 

Janel F, Co-Founder, Board Member
Calgary Alberta

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"Working with Marcela brings great peace and ease. She connects right to you in a way that brings clarity to what may feel like complicated circumstances... Her life experience and training in her profession make her well worth the investment if you want to move forward in your life."

Emily LePan, Founder & Managing Partner
Calgary, Alberta

Combining her leadership experience, as an executive director, director of operations and project manager,  and through her work as a Co-Active® Professional Coach, and InLIfe™ Wellness Practitioner, Marcela is dedicated to helping people develop the tools and techniques to cultivate their agility and innate capacities so that they can grow and enhance their insight towards greater clarity and resilience. 

Marcela uses a human-centred, trauma-integrating embodied approach that’s based on powerful inquiry, connected dialogue and resonant choice

Meet Marcela Crowe

Packages & Programs


(One Month)

Take an embodied dive into the connected exploration of your interior landscape. Grounded in the  experiential awareness of the polyvagal theory and the cultivation of skills in nervous system regulation, develop a strong relationship with your inner capacities to heal and rest as you explore through powerful inquiry new perspectives, and ways of being.


(Three Months)

Uncover your natural agility to develop meaningful connections and clarity of direction that leads to your greatest generative impact. In this program you will engage in powerful inquiry, connected dialogue, and resonant action. Receive grounded strategic and tactical support, build an actionable plan as you cultivate your inner resourcing capacities for sustained growth.


(Six Months)

This program focuses on resourcing and integration building upon the Activate program towards sustained alignment and cultivated coherence between your inner experiences and the world. Excellent for seasoned leaders navigating the flow and the fullness of life and those wanting a container and safe environment to explore deep transformation.

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Marcela has an incredible ability to hold the small details and big picture vision at the same time in a way that I felt grounded by her presence and able to soar off into creative visioning when it was appropriate. She is beautifully present, smart, and powerful in her work.

Present, smart and powerful in her work

Tracy Dixon, Owner/Practitioner
Structural Integration & Somatic Experiencing
Vancouver, British Columbia

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Enhance your insight and take resonant action

Nurture self-discovery and connection to inspire bold action  

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