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Using a set of therapeutic and healing techniques based on the internalized states achieved through meditation, Marcela guides people through a process that leads to greater clarity, increased creativity, focus, inspiration and real change. 

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virtual CoNSULTING

Marcela offers 1:1  and group coaching with individuals  who wish to further develop their leadership skills while also developing a mindset for on-going personal development and growth. Sessions are offered in-person or remotely. Nurture your talent, improve work environments and build an organization of inspired leaders.

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Marcela offers project oversight and business management support ensuring development goals, objectives and expectations are met. She provides accountability and facilitates the creation of action plans using a design driven human-centred approach, building organizational capacity. 

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Innovative Approaches for On-going Growth

“It's a pleasure to recommend Marcela...Each session is deeply powerful offering a lot to contemplate and work with days after our time together. I suggest you book a package because one session will not be enough!"  

- Tegan F.,  Tofino, BC

“Marcela has great healing powers. She's able to help guide you through energy work and a deeper connection to spirit. It's worth it to spend the time and money on yourself to move forward with what you are working on.”

- Jacquie W., North Vancouver, BC

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